ERA4SE Learning Teaching Training Activity is almost here!


Between 19th to 21st of October 2021, teachers and organizations’ representatives will be gathering physically in Greece, Piraeus, for a three-day Learning Teaching Training Activity. IDEC, SA will host the event, but all partners are responsible for preparing and delivering the modules and activities to the learners.

The present Agenda includes:

Welcome regards
Introduction of the participants
Ice-breaking activity
Introduction to the course
Module 1: Igniting the interest of the schools and staff
Module 2:  Identifying of the needs of the school and the local community & Strategify it in a detailed internationalization plan 
Module 3:  Navigating in the Erasmus+ opportunities and selecting the ones that provide the chance to respond to the needs
Module 4:  Networking in local/national/international level
Module 5:  Authoring a quality proposal
Conclusive remarks

The event will be perfectly balanced between theory and practice to induce confidence in teachers who are considering starting their PM journey. The main EU work program of Erasmus+ will be analyzed and the function of a Project manager extensively approached through training activities that encourage:

  • The development of networks and opportunities for international cooperation.
  • Encourage and foster a sense of initiative among staff and students.
  • Provide guidelines and a framework for European projects in their educational institutions.
  • The creation, leadership, and management of European project teams.
  • Research and identify international cooperation opportunities.
  • Understand the requirements and procedures that lead to the creation of a European project.

The partnership is very enthusiastic for being physically together for the first time, but mainly to continue with the Project’s IO’s.

For more information, you can contact the project partners at [email protected]

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