Short-term joint staff training event – “Preparing for the project challenges” (Aveiro, March 2022)

During the last week of March, the Agrupamento de Escolas José Estevão from Aveiro hosted a 3-day training for teachers participating in the ERA4SE project. The activity, organized by INOVA+, focused on how to face the different challenges that appear when developing any EU-funded project.

The training was delivered by members of the 4 expert partners (INOVA+, EUROCREA, IDEC and CPR) and was aimed to solve the possible doubts of the professors from the school partners regarding the submission of a proposal and the management of the project.

Each expert partner assumed the responsibility of delivering a part of the training, needing to integrate their own style and knowledge with those of their peers to be able to communicate a coherent and articulated formation, aimed to enhance the collective knowledge of the group about the process of writing, funding, and managing a project.

Despite representing a big challenge both for the trainers and the attendants, the activity was well assessed by all the attendees, and the objectives can be considered achieved, as most of the teachers will to develop a project proposal for the public call that will have place on October 4th, 2022.

As a result of the event, we present the following video, that summarizes the activities and experiences shared by all participants. It was a great experience for teachers to know the project management tools and good practices, to exchange experiences and to built a deeper relationship between the project partners.

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