Ready for Summer School?

ERA4SE is little by little reaching the last stage of the project, and is now capital to consolidate and disseminate the knowledge gathered along these years. The school partners are now equipped with vast knowledge on how to develop and apply for their own projects, which will bring an array of benefits such as internationalization, shared methodologies (and others!) to their schools, and, most importantly, to their students!

Nevertheless, ERA4SE’s impact does not finish here! We are prepared to pass our knowledge and co-designed methodology to anyone interested! How? Well, with our coming-soon Summer School, which will have place in Aveiro between October 24th and 28th.

A group of adults smile while paying attention to a speaker
Imagem de standret no Freepik

The event will count with participants from the partner countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal) and the registration form can be found here till October 18th!

Get ready and don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, become part of ERA4SE!

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