Excitement increases all around Europe as Erasmus+ Days get closer!

The last days you may have feel there is a certain rush in the air. People seems to be suddenly energetic, optimistic, open and, somehow, smiling more. There have been several theories of why is this happening, as the world is still having to face several hard challenges…but of course the only possible explanation is the arrival of Erasmus+ Days!

And, of course, it is understandable! The sixth edition of Erasmus+ Days is a unique experience to organize (or participate) in thousands of events, share our Erasmus experiences and tell everyone about how great our projects are.

Once again, the main theme to be celebrated are the international mobilities and the European citizenship. There are more than 4500 events registered all around the world, in which participants will learn about the different possibilities that ERASMUS+ programme offers to you!

Are you going to miss it? Get into action and join! Organize an #ErasmusDays event, participate in one near you, share an event or post a testimonial on social networks about your European experience and your commitment to Europe! Visit the site and check the best alternatives around you!

Erasmus+ Days logo, 2022 edition

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