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A dedicated consortium of pioneering partners

AEJE, is a school cluster providing education for the levels preschool to secondary. The school is experienced in Erasmus+ projects with rich action in enhancing the career prospects and well-being of students. It supports growth and cultural development by exchanging good practices, creating and sharing new methodologies, curricula and transferring know-how with partner organizations from Europe. It is the head of the consortium responsible for the teachers CPD in the region of Aveiro.

INOVA+ is a consultancy expert in the promotion and management of international projects of Innovation, Education, Training, R&D. The company brings an extended experience in project development and management, as well as in international cooperation that will be transcribed into the resources to strengthen the educators knowledge. Also, it has a dedicated International department for Capacity Building and Cooperation with a long history of collaboration with schools and experienced adult trainers.

IDEC is a very active consultancy in the field of EU projects. It participates and/or consults its customers to participate in European projects, in order to expand their activities. Through its double role, both as educational provider and as management consulting company, it has been able to also incorporate best practices from the business sector into the educational, by adjusting them to the spirit of open and sustainable and accessible education for all. It is an accredited lifelong learning centre that provides trainer/teacher training at European level.

3rd GYMNASIO NIKAIA is a secondary school in which all teachers collaborate productively with Management and Parents Association for the purpose of identifying, studying and solving student problems. It encourages student involvement in school decisions and fosters educational staff who are active supporters of the lifelong education and training for rising the school’s potential. The school has participated in KA1 mobilities and looks forward to internationalize the school unit.

CPR Region de Murcia is an organization depending on the regional government of Murcia and its educational authorities provide CPD training for teachers in primary, secondary and specialized schools. It provides variety of courses and establishes quality procedures in the schools of the area, counting with several trainers, also supporting the schools about their participation in European programmes.

IESVDA is a secondary education school immersed in recent years in a process of evolution, in which the bet is on educational innovation supported, in many cases, in the experiences drawn from the Erasmus projects. It has especially been active in KA1 and KA2 initiatives where the combined efforts of the personnel with the support of the CPR Region de Murcia have achieved very good results, disseminated in the Erasmus+ Good Practices Conference.

EUROCREA is a consulting company experienced in the project design and implementation, with a dedicated team of professional experts in education and training. The core staff group of trainers and researchers has a long experience in studies and researches in the field of education, training, labour market relevance and skills mismatch. In recent years EM has developed expertise in the recognition and validation of learning outcomes.

ISSAVOLTA is a secondary professional school working on a daily basis to prevent school dropout and tackle early school leaving. It aims at being a focal point in the area where students and families can be supported together with a string collaboration with stakeholders.


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